How to Maintain Electric Bicycles Batteries in winter

Battery is a special battery. Please do not use as a power source other than electric bicycles to avoid battery damage. Can only use manufacturer to provide special charger to charge.


Do not use organic solvents to clean battery housing. Accidental fire, do not use carbon dioxide extinguishing, but should use carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishing appliances. In case of failure, please send it to the manufacturer’s authorization office or relevant organization for proper handling. Please do not throw it away at will to avoid environmental pollution.


When the ambient temperature is higher than 40 or below -10 C, the battery life will be shortened. Therefore, during the summer high temperature, the battery should avoid direct sunlight. At low temperature in winter, batteries should be stored indoors and charged indoors. After the battery is full of electricity, the battery should be recharged for 2 hours.


The ambient temperature is -10 DEG C, and the electric quantity of the battery can only be discharged by 60 percent. As a result, the mileage of a full-time trip in winter is much less than that in the summer. In winter when driving electric should be pedal driving is good.


Batteries are consumables and battery life is limited. The battery’s life-span should be assessed at only half of the national limit of 25 km per full range. The battery life is terminated when the mileage is less than 13km, and the new battery should be replaced. It is forbidden to place electric bicycles in the hot sun for a long time in summer.

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