Possible Failure of Electric Bike¡¯s Key Parts

The maintenance of the electric bicycle is essentially the maintenance and replacement of the parts, so the following is to explain the possible faults from the key parts.

Front fork

The forward fork is easy to use and has shock absorber type. The front fork is easy to be damaged and the front fork spring will be damaged by general collision and strong subduction. The result of the damage is that the electric bike wheel front of the clay board collides with the front triangle or the front wheel collides with the plastic parts, resulting in the bending of the front wheel.

This phenomenon can be resolved by using a larger force to press the front fork to determine whether to change the front fork or to increase the gap.


The frame is the core of the safety of the whole vehicle. The poor strength or precision of the frame will seriously affect the use of the vehicle. If you find that the whole ride is always tilting to one side, it could be that the vehicle as a whole is tilted.

If the whole vehicle has a more serious concave, it may be overloaded and cycled in a place where the road condition is poor, resulting in the deformation of the whole vehicle. The possibility of deformation is that there are cracks in the joint of front riser and front triangle or in the joint of saddle tube flat fork and frame. If there is a tap of metal, it may be the strength of some connectors or welding problems.

Rear Fork

The rear fork is generally not much problem, mainly the installation or use of road conditions caused by the rear fork screw loosening, once the rear fork screw loose, there will be a rear wheel swing, resulting in the brake when the serious end of the swing. The rocking of the vehicle while riding at high speed, and the dropping of the chain when the pedaling force is strong.

The rear fork motor sheet strength is also very important, especially the size and rigidity of the opening, because on special occasions (such as emergency brake), is a test of rigid, so the general motors in the nut shall be returned after the half circle, so it is not loose.

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