Speed Raising Method of Motorized Bikes Refitting

Electric bike have been used as a stepping tool for our frequent trips. In order to meet the speed requirements of the majority of motor vehicles, the methods of how to refit the electric bike are summarized, as follows:


Two kinds of speed – raising, one is to improve the start – up acceleration performance, one is to raise the pole speed. There are alternatives to both, but not cheap, and not all motorized bikes can be modified.


Concrete Steps:


Increase the capacitance


When electric bike starts, the current can be increased to increase the instantaneous torque of the motor. The voltage requirement rate of the capacitor is higher than the voltage value of the battery after charging, and it is necessary to parallel the capacitor in the battery circuit.


The principle is that when the battery voltage is higher than the capacitor voltage, the battery charges the capacitor. When the capacitor is charged to the same voltage as the battery, the charge ends.


Due to the increase of current, the increase of internal resistance and the decrease of voltage when electric bike starts or accelerates, the capacitor discharges and improves the power supply current, thus improving the performance of startup or acceleration.


Battery in quantity


The battery life of the electric bike can be increased, and meanwhile, the electric current is increased due to the power supply of the two groups of batteries, thereby improving the starting speed.

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