Subdivision of Electric Bike Accessories is the Trend of the Market

Chinese electric bike kit enterprises, which have experienced these years’ price war baptism, seem to have a lingering fear now. electric bike accessories enterprises are also beginning to realize that with the development and maturity of electric bike accessories industry, the profits in the mass sector have really been depleted.


From the electric bike accessories industry structure, want to change or even get rid of the quagmire of price war, the next period of time, market segmentation is the general trend. The new business model and new technology will often become an active factor in the market. In the course of the new and old economic order, it is the challenge and opportunity of the times to find the pain point of the market and create a new blue sea.


The number of electric bike accessories industry enterprises continues to increase, and the last two years of the decline in trading volume, and triggered a reduction in market demand, the store gradually appeared “saturated” state.


Part of the electric bike accessories operator brought new hope so that some of the electric bike accessory operators left the original downtown area , the suburban area and the surrounding area of the second , three – line city sales .

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