The Three-Stage Charger Mainly Detects the Following Items

Output no-load voltage

There are many kits in electric bike, someone is expensive electric bike kit, and someone is cheap electric bike kit. Charger is important electric bike kit. This value can generally indicate whether the switching power supply is working properly, and the floating charge voltage of the single lead acid battery is 14.0 ¡À0.1 therefore, the product between this value and the number of batteries is the no-load voltage of the charger.

Charger instructions are correct. Generally red charge, green full, but different chargers, according to the specification. The charge current of the charger is correct. The charge current of the charger is stated in the battery and will not be restated here.

Charging current after 6 to 8 hours. General three-stage charger in 6-8 hours will be transferred to float charge, if cannot be converted to floating charge, the charging current is still large, making the battery heating. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the battery voltage is at the floating charge voltage when the charging current is less than 450 mahs 10-14 ahs or less than 650 mag 17-22 ahs).

If it is a pulse charger, it is necessary to check the pulse current, and the simpler way is to see if the meter in the battery has a regular jitter.

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