There are Six Caveats in Riding an Electric Bike

Batteries need to be recharged before they are exhausted. Battery decay is accelerated when the battery is exhausted, so the correct routine is to keep the battery fully powered for a long period of time and fat tire electric bike is important parts.

Get enough electricity before you leave. When someone drives a car, get on it or not, it will shorten the battery life. The right thing to do is to recharge the battery every time.

Charge occasionally when you are idle. Long-term idle electric bikes will run out of power. The right thing to do is to charge them every half month or so.

When an electric vehicle climbs a hill or has a heavy load, the cyclist will often increase the power supply, which will affect the battery life. The correct way to do this is to use the foot to help.

Regular maintenance. In fact, electric vehicles also need regular “physical examination”, mainly to check the battery, charger condition.

At the same time, the experts also stressed that electric bicycles are not allowed to expose themselves to the sun when storing their cars, and they are more taboo to be in the rain. Because electric bikes are different from ordinary bicycles, there are motors and lead-acid batteries in them, which are very easy to scrap if they enter the water.

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