Battery Life Can Be Prolonged by Proper Battery Maintenance

Do 250W electric bike has top speed?If you protect your electric bike¡¯s battery, top speed is not a problem.


Battery should be used up in time to fill the charge, the charger green light is full. Long periods of under battery storage or battery use without full battery will affect the performance of the battery, the charger green light 3 hours after the use of the battery is better.


If you do not follow the steps, will cause the connection of the battery end of the ignition. May cause hydrogen explosion in the power box. In addition, after charging the charger must be disconnected from the electricity.


Consumers do a deep discharge every 2 months or so, if possible. Methods: consumers ride to forced power outages, turn off the power supply, ride home manually, and then fully fill the battery (charger green light for 3 hours). Deep discharge can be done once for 2 months, but it is too frequent but not effective.


Batteries should be stored without full power for long periods of time and recharged regularly. During the storage process, the battery energy will gradually decrease due to self-consumption. If the battery cannot be replenished in time, the battery performance will be affected. It is recommended that a recharge be made every three months.

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