Why Do I Have a Shorter Range of Electric Bike?

The cause of the decrease in temperature


Cell temperature effect-the cooler the weather, the lower the battery capacity. For example, when the capacity at zero is only 85% battery charge and discharge process chemical reaction, the lower the temperature, the lower and the activity of the active material, the higher the internal resistance and viscosity of electrolyte, the harder the ion diffusion. Battery of mid drive electric bike diy charge and discharge is not easy to carry out, affecting the mileage of the battery.


After winter, the climate warmed and the battery mileage picked up. This is a normal phenomenon. Effect of electric bike efficiency-the cooler the weather, the lower the vehicle efficiency. For example: at zero, the efficiency of the whole car is reduced by 5%.


During the whole cycle, the battery is converted from chemical energy to electric energy, the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy by motor, and the mechanical energy is converted into kinetic energy by transmission mechanism, and the vehicle starts to run. The conversion efficiency of motor and transmission mechanism will be affected by ambient temperature. This is a normal phenomenon.


Impact of vehicle load-the colder the weather, the more clothes people wear. For example: at zero, the clothes are increased by about 10 KG. The colder the weather, the more clothes consumers wear, the heavier the load on the vehicle and the more electricity it consumes. This is an inevitable phenomenon.


Causes of battery aging; improper charge and discharge reasons: improper charge and discharge will make the battery aging faster. Over – load reasons: Over – load can accelerate the consumption of electricity, and reduce the mileage.


Causes of insufficient tire pressure: if the tire pressure is insufficient, it will increase the resistance of electric vehicle forward, consume the limited electric energy and reduce the mileage.

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