Importance of Electric Bike Wheel Surface Pattern

¡¡¡¡The part of the tread in which the electric bike wheel is in direct contact with the road during normal driving is called the driving surface. ¡¡¡¡The surface of the driving surface is composed of different shapes of groove, and

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Effect of Too Tight Brake on Electric Bicycle

This phenomenon usually occurs in electric vehicles with large capacity batteries.   With large capacity batteries, natural best ladies electric bike 2017 themselves have to get heavier. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliable brake safety while the vehicle is

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Concept and Classification of Electric Bike

Electric vehicles, in short, are electrically driven, electrically powered. The first electric car was built in 1834 and is driven by a DC motor.   According to the type of electric vehicles can be divided into: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles,

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Basic Performance of Electric Bike

The basic performance of the electric bike has not yet met the complete unified regulation, but the electric bike conversion kit should and must have the following performance:   The speed of an electric bicycle is 20 / h. Load,

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Motor is an Important Electric Bke Kit

A motor is the best electric bike kit that converts battery energy into mechanical energy and drives the rotation of electric wheels.   The common use of electric bicycle are: brushed toothless, brushless, toothless, brushless, toothless, side-hung motor. The instrument

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