Several Faults in Electric Bicycle

When you ride an electric mountain bike normally, if you feel the car heavy, electric, pedaling, and slow, we call these phenomena hard riding. As soon as you get more and more tired on an electric bike, it is likely

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Maintenance Cycle of Electric Bicycle Motor

The most important thing to maintain for a foldable electric bike is a battery. It is best to discharge and charge the battery at regular intervals. Usually two or three weeks. This can activate the capacity of the battery, so

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Select After-Sales Service of Folding Electric Bike

In 90s the manufacturing process in Shanghai represented the highest level in the country, so made in Shanghai represented quality. The electric car industry still has this phenomenon, many folding electric bike are under the banner of Shanghai. The Shanghai

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Installation Method of Lead Acid Battery Restorer

  According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 million batteries are discarded each year, and the battery life extension and maintenance device can quickly repair and regenerate the battery of Chinese electric bike. Battery life can also be extended 1-3

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What is a Lead-Acid Battery Repair?

Although most of the current Chinese electric bike manufacturers because of the price and technology, the majority of the use of lead-acid batteries. But with many battery manufacturers speeding up research on lithium batteries and some unique advantages of lithium

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