Why you should choose a fat tire electric bike?

An electric bike has various advantages: no emission more green, no sweat after long riding, no parking fee more convenient. Among them, fat tire electric bikes are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Compare with normal tire electric bike, fat

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How Does the Motor of Electric Bicycle Heat? How?

First, using a non-contact infrared thermometer, or a multimeter temperature measuring baffle (a multimeter with temperature measurement, measuring the temperature of the end cover of the motor above 25 ¡æ above the ambient temperature), indicates that the temperature rise of

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Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike Hit the Market

Fat Folding electric bike is always the sales champion in folding series. Equipped with comfortable but compact 20¡¯¡¯*4 tires, BestarMotor fat folding can be conveniently folded in order to store and transport more easily. BestarMotor has the abilty to take

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Inspection and Treatment of “Battery Pack Imbalance”

The battery is first charged for general maintenance and then discharged at a 2-hour rate. During discharge, the voltage of the battery of fat tire electric bike is continuously measured, and the “backward” battery with insufficient discharge capacity is selected

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Failure Phenomenon of “Battery Pack Imbalance”

The imbalance of series battery of fat tire electric bike is a worldwide problem, and there are always “backward” batteries in the process of use. Its reason is various: have production reason, also have the reason of raw material, and

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Replacement Method and Precautions of Circuit Elements

If the damage of integrated circuit is detected, it is necessary to replace the integrated circuit. Disassembly integrated circuit When disassembled, heat printed circuit board with flame of wine lamp to form circuit pin pad, move printed circuit board quickly

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