the Maintenance of Charger Electric Bike

When the instrument panel red under voltage display light, indicating that the electricity into the hunger zone, should be charged in time. Timely charging will greatly prolong the battery life. The battery is fully charged every day. The charging frequency

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Convenient and Easy to Use Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit

Electric bike don’t have the same ability to shield themselves from the wind and rain as cars do. Of course, these limitations still cannot offset its incomparable advantages over other vehicles-fast, environmental protection. Electric bike, with more than 200 million

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The Inevitability of New Energy Vehicles

On the industrial development, the industrial chain from electric bike motor kit is basically formed, and the speed of transformation and upgrading is also accelerating. Leading backbone enterprises and some emerging enterprises are accelerating. At present, the global automobile industry

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Power and Working Principle of Electric Bike Motor

Motors is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The principle of electric bikes motor is to generate the rotating magnetic field by using the electrified coil (that is, the stator winding) and act on the rotor squirrel-cage

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Possible Failure of Electric Bike¡¯s Key Parts

The maintenance of the electric bicycle is essentially the maintenance and replacement of the parts, so the following is to explain the possible faults from the key parts. Front fork The forward fork is easy to use and has shock

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Fault Maintenance of Electric Bike Controller

Power device damage   There are generally several possibilities for damage to power devices of lightweight electric bike 2017: Failure caused by motor damage; Failure caused by poor quality of the power device itself or insufficient selection grade; Device mounting

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