How Can Electric Bicycle Ride More Safely?

First, do a good new electric bicycle physical examination. After riding a new car for some time, all the parts of the car should be checked and adjusted. See if the fasteners and lubricating bearings are loose, the drive parts

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Main Functions and Features of Small Wheel Electric Bike

Super silent design technology: the unique current control algorithm can be applied to any type of brushless electric vehicle motor, and has a considerable control effect, which improves the general adaptability of the small wheel electric bike controller. Make electric

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What’s an Electric Bike Charger?

Mid motor electric bike charger is a device to supply electric bicycle battery. It is usually divided into two stages: two-stage charging mode and three-stage mode.   At present, the so-called three-stage charger is widely used in most mid motor

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Maintenance and Maintenance of Electric Bikes

When the red under voltage of the dashboard glows, it shows that the quantity of electricity enters the starving area and should be charged in time. The battery life can be greatly extended by timely charging. Charge the battery of

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Maintenance and Maintenance of E-Bikes Motor

The e-bikes has been installed and debugged to the best condition before the sale, please do not disassemble and assemble electrical appliances and related parts in use. If abnormal conditions such as abnormal noise of transmission parts, non-working power, etc.

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