Frame is the Main Accessory of Electric Bike

The frame part is the basic inexpensive electric bike kit of the electric bike, is also the skeleton and the main body of the electric bike. The other parts are also directly or indirectly mounted on the frame. There are

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Maintenance of 750 Watt Electric Bike Controller

¡¡¡¡Controller of 750 watt electric bike is one of the most concerned components in maintenance, and the damage of controller is also common. General controller lead contains several items: power line, motor line, brushless generally have five-core Hall wire, turnstile

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What are the Types of Electric Bike Motors?

¡¡¡¡At present, electric bike motor is usually divided into three types, brushless low speed motor, brushless low speed motor and brushed low speed motor. ¡¡¡¡Brushed high speed motor. High efficiency of motor, strong ability of overloading and climbing, large starting

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What are the Alternatives to the Hub Drive?

The majority of Japanese electric bike are driven by shafts for two main reasons: First, Japan legally stipulates that electric bike must output auxiliary electric power according to manpower, so they must measure the pedal force and install a force

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How to Prevent Electric Bicycle From Being Stolen

At present, the modus operandi of car theft is divided into four types: electric tools, manual tools and techniques for opening locks, handling gangs, etc. The manual tools are mainly used in steel saw, forceps, word steel, cross steel, hammer

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Choose a Good Parking Place and a Safe Way to Park

Generally speaking, the majority of stolen electric bike occur in the state of parking. Choosing a good parking place and safe parking method is an important means to prevent electric vehicles from being stolen. Here are some suggestions for users.

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