Adjusting the Components of Electric Bicycle Correctly to Ensure Safe Driving

All preparations must be made before riding to ensure the safety of riding. To ensure the safety of the users, it is strictly prohibited to get on and off when the motorized bike stays stationary. Power lock switch must be turned off before getting off. When adjusting the height of saddle and handlebar, be careful not to expose the safety line on saddle and riser.


When riding, it should be accelerated slowly. From 0-20km/h, the speed of acceleration is not less than 10s to keep steady. Try to reduce the number of startup. The economic speed of the car (the most energy saving speed) is generally 16-18 kmrh. When riding attention to braking distance is generally 4 m, rainy days increase the braking distance twice.


The tightening torque of the horizontal tube and the riser is 16-18n.m.( 9) saddle, and the fastener of the saddle tube is 18-20n.m. The fastening torque of the rear wheel is 40-45n.m.The fastening torque of the front wheel is 18-20n.m.


The front brake skin should be parallel to the pressure surface of the hub. The gap between brake leather and hub is not more than 3 mm, and the brake tightness is suitable to stop when the brake handle is 10 mm away from the handle.


Without braking, the brake skin should not be in contact with any part of the wheel. When obvious wear occurs, the brake skin should be replaced in time so as not to damage the wheel ring. When adjusting the distance between the rear wheel and the center axle, the chain tension is controlled at 10-15 mm. Tire pressure should be appropriate, too high to cause aluminum ring deformation; too low to cause outer tire crack and bite tube; make tube leak.

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