Select After-Sales Service of Folding Electric Bike

In 90s the manufacturing process in Shanghai represented the highest level in the country, so made in Shanghai represented quality. The electric car industry still has this phenomenon, many folding electric bike are under the banner of Shanghai.

The Shanghai Bicycle Association has issued a certificate of origin that can only be approved by a truly Shanghai registered enterprise made in Shanghai. Because the brand is associative, the better the brand is the more associative, so there are a lot of fake brand. The fake brands in this article refer to brands that are excellent in other areas but very bad in electric bike, some of which are licensed on the right track.

Type I: Motorcycle brand. Now the motorcycle enterprise manufacturing electric bike is very popular trend , according to the car association ‘ s electric vehicle standard , electric motorcycle is made by motorcycle enterprise standard , so the motorcycle enterprise uses the original brand value and sales channel to make the electric bike many , the quality is good , mainly the price is high .

Category II: cross-domain branding. Some are newly registered, taking advantage of the popularity of the original trademark for speculation, while others are slightly legal and formally authorized.

Batteries are divided into small batteries for one year and large batteries for eight months. In addition, the user must fill out the repair card, according to the rule, the three-pack period is from the last time you changed the accessories, not your purchase time.

For example, the charger used half a year for a new one, then the new one also had to be wrapped for a year instead of half a year.

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