The Brush Controller of the Electric Bicycle Has No Output

Set the multimeter in 20 V DC) gear, first measure the high and low potential of the gate handle output signal. If the signal of the knob has a potential change of more than 4 v when kneading the knob, the malfunction of the knob can be eliminated and fat tire electric bike has no problem.

Then, according to the function list of the chip pin used in the brush controller, the voltage values of the main control chip and the logic chip are analyzed, and the peripheral devices (resistors, capacitors) of each chip are checked. Diode) value is consistent with the identification of the surface of the element to detect a peripheral device or integrated circuit failure.

Note: in the test, we can replace the same type of device to troubleshoot.

Brushless controller without output

Fault brushless controller power and brake can refer to faulty brush controller troubleshooting excluded.

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