How About Buying a Pedal Assist Electric Bike of Around 1500 USD?

Electric bike or E-bike is the general call for all bikes with electrical power assistance. A special type of electric bicycles that must be pedaled is called Pedelec bike. Pedelec bike is driven by a hybrid of ¡°manpower + electric power¡±, that is pedaling plus electrical power assistance. It looks similar with ordinary bike, however, with the assistance of motor power, the rider can save strength a lot in the whole trip.


Pedelec bikes have become very popular traffic tool for city residents to go short-distance travel. Bikes satisfy people who want to take exercise through riding, but also can free pedaling with the assistance of battery. Electric bike tends to be the common daily traffic tool living for a low-carbon and healthy life, it has the same appearance and frames as the normal bikes, but is more portable and lighter compared to some motorized bikes.


What type of electric bikes can people get within 1500 USD budget? It mainly depends on three aspects including drive mode, speed, and battery life.

1. Drive mode

The Pedelec bike needs pedaling, and then the motor sensor collects the data of pedaling strength and pedaling frequency to feedback a certain auxiliary electrical power. Those electric assist components in high quality and complexity will bring you surprising riding experience, but along with the high cost. Taking cadence sensors and torque sensors as an example, they are smart parts to be applied on the pedal assist bikes. Torque sensors are more advanced, relying on complex feedback systems, they are mostly installed in high quality bikes. While cadence sensors are simpler, so are cheaper. The good cheap electric bike priced of 1500 USD is often added with the cadence sensor.

A hybrid drive mode combined of manpower and electric power brings the convenience of travel and meet one¡¯s need for exercise, but the downside shows that the power of the motor is not as high as that of other electric bikes.

pedal assist electric bike

2. Ride speed

In terms of speed, a pedal assist bicycle installed with a front motor usually has max speed of 25km/h (for EU area), the 250w electric bike top speed is closer to the cycling speed of bicycles. Although they are slow in speed, but are much lighter than the motorized bike in weight. The pedal assist bicycles are easier to master especially in an emergency, therefore bringing rider safer.

Charging time 5-6h
Recharging cycles >=800 times
Max speed 25km/h (EU)

3. Battery life

The battery life is one of the most concerned aspects of people purchasing electric bikes. The battery life is proportional to the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the motor. Lithium batteries generally account for 30%-60% of bicycle cost, and each lithium battery is non-standard, it is specially designed for each model of each brand. Therefore, the battery directly affects the price of the electric bike. An electric bike around 1500USD often uses 36V/11Ah Samsung lithium batteries. The capacity of 36V battery enables driving up to 60km. What’s good, even the pedal assist bike is out of electrical power on road, it can be ridden as ordinary bike, which is more worry-free than electric bikes.

Motor Front 250w Shengyi motor
Battery Samsung lithium battery, 36V/10.4Ah
Controller Intelligent controller
Charger 110~240V, 50-60Hz, plug as final market requirement
PAS Pedal assisted system


Bike lovers have a big passion on re-assembling their electric bikes, to improve the performance of electric bicycles step by step through replacing a more powerful motor or batteries of larger capacity, and adding more intelligent parts. As to these market needs, many electric bike suppliers now provide custom products, a simple bike frame plus different electric assist components, thus 1500USD budget is able to get many options.

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