How to use electric bike scientifically

Scientifically use of electric bike helps the battery to extend its renewal ability and longevity. When riding, you can pay attention to less climbing, slow acceleration, less braking, avoid braking and sometimes make the electric road bike be in a coasting state.

As far as the battery is concerned, it is better to let it rest occasionally. There are two liquid substances in the battery. When the two substances react chemically, they will generate electricity. But when they react chemically, they actually flow from one end to the other. The chemical reaction of matter in its original position is the largest, so suspending the power supply period gives these components a balanced opportunity. If these liquids return to where they should be, the battery can generate more power.

In addition, the mileage traveled by different riding methods is not the same. When the electric road bike runs at the highest speed, it consumes the most power. When it travels at a constant speed of about 30 kilometers, it is more power-efficient.

Last but not the least, it is necessary to avoid deep discharge as much as possible, which is damaging to the battery.

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