What are the advantages of hub motors?

Hub motors are by far the most common motors on electric powered bicycles, and have been refined and developed over many years into extremely efficient machines.


The Advantages of a Hub Motor on an electric powered bicycle:


  • The motor is handily placed in the wheel hub, causing no change in the basic design of the bike.
  • Hub motors are relatively simple motors and are completely self-contained.
  • Because the motors are sealed they are extremely low maintenance. They are usually impervious to wind, rain, snow, and sleet.
  • The hub motor is directly attached to the wheel it is powering, making for high efficiency.
  • The center of gravity is quite low, which is good for balance and retaining the classic bike feel.
  • It is easy to access a hub motor if it needs service or repair.
  • If it fails completely, you can usually just replace the motor while not impacting any other part of the bike.
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