What are the advantages of Crank Drive Motors?

Many battery powered bicycles use crank drive motors, which also called mid drive motors. They directly power the crank drive, and usually work in concert with your gears. Crank drive motors tend to be more about smooth and efficient performance than simple brute force.


Advantages of a Crank Drive Motor on an Electric Bike:


  • The motor has a fanned casing which allows for heat to be more effectively released than in a hub motor.
  • A crank motor will be in or near the bottom bracket, so the extra weight is low on the bike ¨C contributing to good balance and a classic bike feel.
  • By working synergistically with the bike¡¯s gears, the bike can perform better on hills than an equivalent sized hub motor.
  • Crank motors can do well with quite low power levels because they work efficiently.
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