How to Install Electric Bike Battery

The battery is usually used in series, that is, the positive pole of one battery is connected to the negative pole of the other battery, all the batteries are connected together, and the remaining positive and negative terminals are connected to the corresponding wiring of the electric bike, the motor of the electric car, The controller, instrument, etc. is the electric load of the battery.


Electric bike generally have battery boxes that is a kind of lightest electric bike kit, from the installation position are divided into slashes type, backseat and chassis type installation, its structure can be described as a variety of shapes. Each electric bike factory has its own characteristics.


Battery box is generally made of engineering plastic, its strength is better, light weight, easy to install. Battery box is generally made up of bottom slot, upper cover, battery contact point and charge socket, tram lock, etc. The battery case is designed according to the battery model specification, and the good heat dissipation performance shall be taken into account in the design of the whole vehicle.

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