Initial Production Scale Stage of Electric Bike

The second stage is called the early production stage, because this period of time will appear several opportunities to promote the electric bicycle, let it in the primary stage of the electric bike suddenly ushered in the spring, let the development of the industry has entered the scale.

This time period is generally recognized as the period from 2000 to 2004, during which time, with the breakthrough in key technology and the performance of the electric bike continues to improve. E-bike has become a substitute for motorcycles and bicycles, and its speed, environmental protection, convenience and cheap, also let more consumers identify with it, but also stimulate the market for electric bicycles.

In the growing market demand, the former R & D and production enterprises are rising rapidly, some new enterprises are also beginning to enter, and their investment in electric bike is also increasing, resulting in the rapid expansion of production capacity.

Moreover, the enterprises that have quickly come up this time are large enterprises and have left behind the old models of R & D and production enterprises.

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