The Growth Rate of Electric Bike Accessories Industry Slows Down

Electric bike internal gear hub manufacturers must obey the unity of the general style when they create products, but electric bike accessories can also become the source of creation, that is, using the alignment of electric bike accessories to unify the overall style. Now, the design of electric bike accessories is not only to solve the vertical traffic function, but the bicycle accessories are also the unique place to embellish the indoor space.


Ever since , China ‘ s electric bike accessory industry is in the low – end position of the global industrial chain , many enterprises , the entry threshold is low , the innovation ability is insufficient , the intellectual property consciousness is weak , the industry standard supervision is insufficient , the concentration is low , the brand shaping is difficult and so on .


Although the current electric bike accessories industry growth slowed, but the market cake has not narrowed. Low quality brand will be delisting, high quality brand will break out. Through M & A, acquisition and even listing in the capital market, can promote the era of major brands of electric bike accessories.

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