How to Promote the Quality Improvement and Industrial Development of Electric Bike Industry

One is to support electric bike manufacturers to increase investment, strengthen the battery capacity, charging speed, driving system matching and the whole bike price ratio and other aspects of research and development, improve vehicle safety, stability and comfort. To achieve quality improvement of best electric bike kit 2016.


The second is to encourage small and medium-sized manufacturers to become bigger and stronger, to enhance the scale of manufacturing, to improve the speed of bike, and to optimize the size of the body. Early access to the “vehicle production enterprises and products bulletin” and “Energy-saving and new energy bike demonstration promotion and application engineering recommended vehicle catalogue”.


The third is to establish the vehicle admittance system of electric passenger cars strictly. By increasing financial subsidies and tax incentives, the existing traditional passenger cars and other types of automobile manufacturers are encouraged to produce more pro – people and to introduce affordable electric automobile products, and the planning objectives of 500,000 new energy vehicles in 2015 will be completed as soon as possible.


At the local level, we actively carry out the pilot of the low speed electric bike management, and discuss the effective measures for the low speed electric bike management in the links of production and sales, vehicle use and so on.

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