How to Strengthen the Management of Electric Bike Industry

Although the electric car market is popular, but most manufacturers lack production qualifications. Although the market of 16 inch wheel electric bike kit in China is showing explosive growth momentum, however, most of the production enterprises lack the production qualification.


Most enterprises begin to adopt the standard process of the vehicle production line to improve the safety and stability of the vehicle. On the other hand, the definition and standards of 16 inch wheel electric bike kit are unclear in China. Most of the domestic electric bike are developed by the mature models of the “golf cart” and “neighborhood cars” in the United States. Or referring to the technical framework of European light four-wheeled motorcycles, there is still a lack of authoritative issuance of standards or definitions for electric bike in China.


And because manufacturers are small motorcycles or tricycles, or even “small workshop” production, vehicle technology content is relatively low, which is more competitive and cost pressure, which makes it more difficult to further increase investment in vehicle technology content and safety performance.


The national production enterprises that require access must meet a number of technical indicators, which means that many enterprises cannot obtain investment and product access qualification for electric bike. In addition, most electric bike are unable to meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Management Act, let alone get a road permit.

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