Development Status of Electric Bike Industry in China

There is a lack of management in the electric bike crank motor kit market in China. At present, electric bike in the market often appear in the name of “old age vehicles” and “tourist cars.” most of them use lead-acid batteries, which are cheap, unlicensed, uninsured, and do not require a driver’s license. Most drivers are elderly people.


Traffic control departments in the case of illegal cases cannot be followed, difficult to deal with. In this case, Fujian and Sichuan governments through a variety of measures to give the green light for electric bike, affirm its value and encourage. However, at the national level, electric bike do not have a legal identity, and there are no relevant policies and regulations to regulate them.


Electric bike, which survive in the policy gap, have been explosively developed because they are close to market demand. As electric bike meet the needs of urban and rural markets, they have broad market space.


Illegal electric bike, the market demand continues to expand. On the one hand, the state policy explicitly forbids, on the other hand, the local government actively promotes the status violation of electric vehicles, but still gets the opportunity to seek development in the policy gap.

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