Matters Needing Attention in the use of Electric Bicycle

Must comply with the operating requirements of the electric bicycle. The design standard load of electric bicycle is 75 kg. When the load exceeds 90 kg, the battery and motor will be damaged.


Batteries cannot be shelved for a long time, shelved at least once a month to charge. Battery discharge must be fully stored after cycling, otherwise the battery life will be greatly affected, and serious battery will lead to battery scrapping.


When the electric energy is exhausted, the system will be cut off automatically. But when the power supply is turned off, the battery will appear a “virtual” voltage of rebound (reactive voltage), which must be recharged and then used, otherwise, it will cause the battery to over discharge. The damage to the battery will be irreparable.


It is affected by many factors (such as frequent braking, starting, uneven road surface, low temperature, steep slope, headwind driving, insufficient inflated tire, too much load) when the electric bicycle continues to run mileage 40-50 km. when it is used in practice, it will be affected by many factors (such as frequent braking, starting up, uneven road surface, too low temperature).


After the power supply is turned on, the whole car is in a state of electric riding. The red power indicator lights shine, while the green and yellow electricity indicator lights shine. As the riding power is consumed, when the green and yellow lights are turned off, the battery power is about to run out. Stop the electric ride and recharge the battery as soon as possible.

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