the Safety Requirements of Good Cheap Electric Bike

The electrical system of good cheap electric bike should be protected from rain, the wiring used in the system should not be exposed, the shell of the car body and electrical parts should not be charged, and the insulation resistance should not be less than 2m ¦Ø.


Batteries for good cheap electric bike should be well sealed. Under the normal installation position, there should be no leakage during charging and discharging. The nominal voltage of the battery should not be greater than 48v. Electric bicycle should be brake power-off device, when braking should be able to automatically cut off the power supply.


The controller of good cheap electric bike should have under voltage, overcurrent protection function and short circuit safety device. The electric bicycle should be assembled according to the requirements of the model. No misfitting or leakage should be allowed. Electric bicycle all fasteners should be secured in place of the rotating parts should turn flexible.


The stationary parts of an electric bicycle are not allowed to collide with moving parts. The surface of various parts of the electric bicycle should be clean, no dirt, no rust, trademark, decal should be complete, clear, and correct position. The surface of all plastic parts of electric vehicle should be uniform color, no obvious flange, scratch, crack and depression.


Failure of the parts and components of the vehicle and failure of the parts of the electrical control system should not occur during the test.

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