Use and Maintenance of Brake and Transmission System

First of all, like the maintenance of ordinary bicycles, the front axle, center shaft, flywheel, chain and other transmission parts of the electric dirt bike should be inspected regularly, wiped and lubricated to prevent the normal use due to rust. The motor does not need to scrub and lubricate itself, but only to the repair point in case of abnormal condition.

Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the power – off brake of the front – rear brake is effective, especially the left brake of the rear brake, and if the power – off failure is likely to damage the controller during use.

Again, it is necessary to check whether the braking performance of the brake is good or not, and pay attention to increasing the braking distance, slowing down slowly, braking ahead of time and preventing accidents during rainy and snowy days and downhill driving.

Use and maintenance of Electronic Control part

Do not be exposed to the sun or rain for a long time when the electric car is parked, avoid the failure of operation caused by the damage of the elements in the controller. Speed control switch requires light rotation and light release, no need for hard rotation, for 1: 1 booster brushing model, it is best to use cruise fixed speed switch.

Ride on rainy days, should try to avoid switches and electrical plug-in and other wet, to prevent leakage, short-circuit. Exposed contacts (including triangulated sockets) are charged and are not allowed to touch both positive and negative poles by hand or metal.

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